Renegade Music Marketing Renewal 

Renegade Music Marketing is currently offering a special renewal rate to existing Renegade Music Marketing clients who would like to renew their marketing deal with Renegade.  The renewal fee is $149.99 per year and you are guaranteed a minimum of 50 solicited submissions each year you are a member.  This is a savings of 25% off of the regular rate, which is currently $199.99 a year for new Renegade members.

Renegade has made some changes this year and we've greatly improved our process of submitting music, tracking submissions and ultimately helping you connect with a variety of licensing opportunities.  I've hired a full time assistant this year whose primary task is to assist me in marketing your music and following up on all of the opportunities we submit to here at Renegade.  This has made a huge difference in how effective we are as a company.

In addition to licensing music to MTV this year, we have also assisted artists in getting tracks recorded by other artists and have helped dozens of artists connect with supervisors and publishers and have helped artists earn money both through publishing and licensing.  We are getting regular requests to pitch our music to a variety of projects and more and more companies are turning to Renegade every day.

Here's a brief overview of what you'll get when you renew your Renegade Music Marketing membership:

1) A Yearly Membership To Our Service That Includes 50 Solicited Submissions, Free Email Coaching Throughout The Year, Access To All Of How To License Your's Products (excluding special workshops), Access To Bonus Interviews With Music Licensing Professionals And A Free Half Hour Consultation With Me When You Sign Up.

2) 50 solicited submissions to Supervisors, Publishers, Ad Agencies and More.

3) Quarterly Status Updates Delivered As A PDF File That Includes When And Where Your Music Was Submitted.

There are no longer any contracts to sign.  Renegade is no longer keeping a percentage of back ends royalties or licensing fees.  Any money you earn through our service is yours to keep!

The cost to renew is $149.99 per year.  We guarantee to make a minimum of 50 solicited submissions during each year you renew.

I look forward to our continued success!

Aaron Davison
Renegade Music Marketing

Renegade Music Marketing Annual Renewal Fee