Music Marketing To The TV, Film, Video Game And Advertising Markets

The Details... 

Congratulations! If you were sent this link it means I've reviewed your music and I'm interested in possibly working on your behalf to help you market your music for use in the TV, Film, Video Game and Advertising markets. This page will outline the details of my new service and should answer any questions you might have.  There is an audio clip at the bottom of this page.  Please listen to this!  This clip goes into a lot of detail about why I'm starting this service, who it's for,  who it's not for, how it will work, etc. If after listening to this clip you still have questions about the service, feel free to email me, but please listen to the clip first as I think it will answer most questions that will arise.

How The Service Works...
I've spent a lot of time developing a business model that I think is completely fair, ethical, straightforward and in our mutual best interest.  Originally I had planned on charging a monthly retainer fee and working with a certain number of artists per month marketing their music to as many different places as possible throughout the month, sort of like the way a publicist works, but in the context of the licensing industry.  I ultimately scrapped that idea because I didn't think the value the artists would be receiving would be very clear under this arrangement.  I instead have decided to charge a one time fee that will guarantee everyone who enters into the program will receive a certain number of submissions, regardless of how long it takes.

The cost to participate in the program is $299.00 per artist, per year.  This amount will guarantee that each artist who particapates will have their music submitted to 50 different companies each year your membership is active. These submissions will be solicited submissions.  Your music will not be randomly submitted to 50 different places.  These are companies that I will have contacted and who have personally requested to hear your music. The length of time it will take to reach 50 submissions will vary from artist to artist depending on the needs of the companies I am submitting to.  I will keep your songs in the catalog and track all submissions made on your behalf until 50 submissions are reached.  I will also provide quarterly updates indicating when and where your music was submitted.

All artists will retain ALL of their publishing rights for any deals that are made under this arrangement.  You will be your own publisher in this regard.  I will be acting strictly as someone who is marketing your music on your behalf.  I will help faciliate deals and will offer my assistance, advice, etc. in the event that you are offered a licensing deal, but you will retain all of the money made as a result of any deals you sign.  The only exception would be if I submitted your music to a publisher who was interested in signing your songs and you decided to move forward. 

I do plan on transitioning towards functioning as an actual publisher over the course of the next year or so.  But everyone who comes on board with me during this beta phase will retain all of their publishing rights.

The following audio clip goes into much more detail about my new service.  It's important that you listen to ALL of the clip prior to joining.  I want everyone who comes on board to feel completely comfortable with how this service will work. There's a lot more to the program that you need to know about than what's covered on this page and I thought the simplest way to communicate all the details would be via an audio clip.

If after you listen to the clip you still have questions, email me.  If you'd like I'd be happy to speak with you, but listen to the clip first as I think it will address most questions that you might have. After you listen to the clip, if you'd like to move forward simply pay the membership fee to reserve your spot. After you sign up you will receive instructions via email on how to submit your music. Every artist will be able to upload up to ten songs into their catalog.  

Renegade Music Intro.mp3

Annual Renegade Music Marketing Fee

If you decide to join my service, simply pay the registration fee above to secure your spot.  Once you sign up, I'll email you all the bonus materials, along with instructions on how to get your music to me and get started.  

Everyone who joins Renegade Music Marketing will also receive access to the following free bonuses:

Free Bonus #1 - Half Hour Telephone Consultation ($65.00 Value) -  Everyone who joins my new marketing service will receive a free half hour telephone consultation with me.  This will give us a chance to discuss my service and what to expect as well discuss your specific situation and questions related to the music licensing business.

Free Bonus # 2 - The A To Z OF Music Licensing ($39.99 Value) -
  Everyone who joins my new submission service will also receive free access to my program on the music licensing business, The A-Z Of Music Licensing ($40.00 value).  It's important that you have a good understanding of how the business works and this program covers all the basics of the business.  You'll get a link to this program in an email after you sign up

Free Bonus # 3 - The Music Licensing Newsletter Compendium ($19.99 Value) - A collection of every single article I've written about the music licensing business from January of 2008 to August of 2011.  215 pages.  PDF ebook.

Free Bonus # 4 - A Songwriter's Guide To Music Licensing Ebook ($19.97 Value)  When you join my new service you'll also receive free access to my new ebook, A Songwriter's Guide To Music Licensing ($29.99 Value). This 44 page ebook covers my best thoughts and ideas about the music licensing business and is yours free when you join my new marketing service. 

Free Bonus # 5 - 2011 TV And Film Music Business Directory ($29.99 Value) - The most comprehensive directory of contact information for the TV and Film markets on the planet.  Period.  Over 600 up to date listings for music supervisors, publishers, music libraries and video game companies.

Free Bonus # 6 - Free Membership To Monthly Audio Interview Series ($19.99 Value)  - And finally, everyone who joins my new music marketing service will also receive free access to my new monthly audio interview series.  Each month I interview a different person working in the music licensing business via Skype and I record the interviews for you to listen to at your convenience.  I interview publishers, supervisors, producers, songwriters and more!  You'll receive access to these interviews throughout the duration of our time working together. 

(Note:  By joining this service you are granting me permission to market your music on your behalf for use in the TV, Film, Video Game and Advertising Markets.  You will retain full rights to all your songs unless you sign a portion of those rights away in the event that you are offered a publishing or licensing deal through my service. You are guaranteed 50 solicited submissions by signing up for my service each year your membership is active.)